Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Parrot Bird that Can Speak!

Parrots are very entertaining and interesting pets because of their speaking and mimicking abilities. You have to consider many things before buying a pet parrot because this pet purchase is quiet different from buying any other pet. Parrot creates a lot of noise and it is very noisy, if not given proper attention and care. Parrot is subjected to emotional fits depending on the differences in its former habitat and its current environment. So make sure that you give your parrot bird the same environment in which it was living earlier.

Reasons People Get Pets into their Households:

  1. A pet bird never makes you feel lonely when you are alone in the house. It is natural that a pet emits trust and proves its self a wonderful companion. You'll likely distrust more individuals from your own peers than pet animals.
  2. Parrots are wonderful pet birds because they have great ability to mimic thus they can respond back to your conservations in form of music or any other phrase or word that is in the vocabulary of the parrot.
  3. Pets, regardless of kind have therapeutic implications to the aged, or desperate.
  4. A parrot looks beautiful when it welcomes somebody it recognizes, through special noises.
  5. Parrots are very clean, tidy, neat and attractive because of their colorful feathers.
  6. Parrots never get untidy and they live happily in cages. Many pet birds lack this quality because they love to stray on grounds unlike parrots.

Typical pet parrots:

Parrots have lots of classifications and they are found in many countries. But there are more to a dozen of types for each species mentioned in all those actively trainable birds.

To demonstrate a few from among the types "Conures," will tell that each one comes from a certain wild place of origin, almost all from the wilds of South America or South and Eastern Africa where vast virgin forest still are in abundance.

Sun Conures is a type of Conures parrot that is extremely beautiful. It is in contrast of yellow, orange and red and also has little touch of green color on the wings. Green is more dominant in the young suns and color become brighter in a series of molts. An adult sun weighs 100 to 120 grams. These Conures come from the wild forests of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. You can not identify the gender of a parrot unless you observe it very closely. Male birds are square and more in weight than female birds that are more rounded.

Green Cheek Conure comes from South America. The Body and wings of this parrot is normally of olive green color and tail is in crimson blue color. Like Sun Conures the sex can’t be observed easily. The throat of this parrot is of grey-green with color.

Some common characteristics of all the parrots can be summed up as follows:

1) They are noisy and create lots of noise.

2) They are multicolored.

3) The sex can’t be detected easily.

4) They are trainable and need lots of care.

5) Their life span is average.

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