Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Pet Parrot

Parrots are the most pleasant birds. They are loved by almost everyone throughout the world because of their friendly nature. Kids love them because of their ability to mimic others and their cheerful nature. Parrots are no doubt nice pet but if you do not know how to take care of pets, they can cause real disturbance to you.

Because of their different moods, it is better to get full awareness about all moods before buying them. You would have no other choice but to take good care of them once you brought them home. You should know following facts about parrots before buying them:

1) Parrots are noisy:

Parrots are the kind of birds who love to make noise. The bigger the parrot is the louder noise it will make. Their mimicry may seem good for few days but soon this voice becomes irritating for a person who loves peace and calm environment.

Parrots have the habit of screaming. Though it happens only once or twice per day yet it will be too loud for your neighbors to wonder what happened.

2) Parrots love to play

Parrots love to play but they can not differentiate between their wooden toys and your precious expensive furniture. At times they chew papers and plastic as well. So if you are planning to keep a parrot as pet, keep your important documents and your computer cords away. Keep the cage far away from your furniture, carpet and curtains. While you are playing with them, be aware of the clothes you are wearing.

3) They bite

They are friendly creatures but you can not tell when they going to bite. Even small birds can do this like the parakeet. And this is not just the ordinary bite that will not result to a big wound. They can actually draw blood and rip the skin. So be very careful while dealing with pet parrot and do not irritate them.

Sometimes parrots bite strangers. This does not mean they are rude; they actually get scared from strangers. The only defense they have is their beak so they use them for their defense.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Parrot Bird that Can Speak!

Parrots are very entertaining and interesting pets because of their speaking and mimicking abilities. You have to consider many things before buying a pet parrot because this pet purchase is quiet different from buying any other pet. Parrot creates a lot of noise and it is very noisy, if not given proper attention and care. Parrot is subjected to emotional fits depending on the differences in its former habitat and its current environment. So make sure that you give your parrot bird the same environment in which it was living earlier.

Reasons People Get Pets into their Households:

  1. A pet bird never makes you feel lonely when you are alone in the house. It is natural that a pet emits trust and proves its self a wonderful companion. You'll likely distrust more individuals from your own peers than pet animals.
  2. Parrots are wonderful pet birds because they have great ability to mimic thus they can respond back to your conservations in form of music or any other phrase or word that is in the vocabulary of the parrot.
  3. Pets, regardless of kind have therapeutic implications to the aged, or desperate.
  4. A parrot looks beautiful when it welcomes somebody it recognizes, through special noises.
  5. Parrots are very clean, tidy, neat and attractive because of their colorful feathers.
  6. Parrots never get untidy and they live happily in cages. Many pet birds lack this quality because they love to stray on grounds unlike parrots.

Typical pet parrots:

Parrots have lots of classifications and they are found in many countries. But there are more to a dozen of types for each species mentioned in all those actively trainable birds.

To demonstrate a few from among the types "Conures," will tell that each one comes from a certain wild place of origin, almost all from the wilds of South America or South and Eastern Africa where vast virgin forest still are in abundance.

Sun Conures is a type of Conures parrot that is extremely beautiful. It is in contrast of yellow, orange and red and also has little touch of green color on the wings. Green is more dominant in the young suns and color become brighter in a series of molts. An adult sun weighs 100 to 120 grams. These Conures come from the wild forests of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. You can not identify the gender of a parrot unless you observe it very closely. Male birds are square and more in weight than female birds that are more rounded.

Green Cheek Conure comes from South America. The Body and wings of this parrot is normally of olive green color and tail is in crimson blue color. Like Sun Conures the sex can’t be observed easily. The throat of this parrot is of grey-green with color.

Some common characteristics of all the parrots can be summed up as follows:

1) They are noisy and create lots of noise.

2) They are multicolored.

3) The sex can’t be detected easily.

4) They are trainable and need lots of care.

5) Their life span is average.

Why are some parrots Red

Red color has many meanings. Sometimes it is associated with love, valentine, desire and passion while other times it has been considered the symbol of danger, violence, emergency and anger. The main characteristics of this color are strength, power, control and management. Many positive traits like worship, courage, fervor and obsession are related with red color. In this article, we will talk about the significance of red color in parrots.

The color which is considered most common in parrot is green but no pigment of green is present in parrots’ feathers. According to experts, although parrots appear green, only pigments present in parrots’ feathers are red and yellow.

Red parrots are getting popular because of their secret beauty. Some parrots are red because of their chemistry and feather’s structure. According to some studies, parrots are red because of their Tyndall effect. In the process of Tyndall effect, light disperse and it reflects off the structure. This process causes the false impression of variety of colors.

It is the chemistry of pigments and feather’s structures. In some parrots, there exist some specific pigments in feathers which cause the color to be red. Pigments like Psittacin or Carotenoids gives carrots and yellow squash their individual colors. These are frequently predisposed by definite environmental factors and elements like food intake or diet.

According to some experts, red color in parrot appears because the colors of dietetic elements of food are strengthened. Although foods don’t usually power a parrot’s color, it is quite important in the process because good food will result to good health shown in the shine of a parrot’s feathers.

Many studies are under process to find out the truth behind this secret. But according to most of the studies, the color of parrot is usually depends on the boldness and parrots’ behavioral context.

The most popular red parrot is red-breasted Senegal. This Senegal parrot has many abilities; it talks neither too much, nor too less. It is a happy and cheerful parrot. It loves to jump, and play with toys. Red-breasted Senegal parrots are lovable because they are friendly and they can be trained to perform in many different ways.

Red parrots do not have the bad habit of screaming and creating noise. That is why it is considered as the most suitable pet bird to be kept in small homes. People get this parrot and train it in many ways.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Makings of Great Breeders of Parrots

Parrots have been loved and admired throughout the world because of their welcoming, social nature. They are also liked because they live really long and can be a good life time companion. All these characteristics make parrots as the most appropriate pet in the pet trade throughout the world.

Parrots are indeed the best birds to keep at home but they also demand much from their owners. To keep your parrot happy and satisfied, you will have to be really responsible.

Parrots get attached to the people who take care of them. These people are known as parrot breeders. Parrot breeders are the most responsible ones who perform every important task of parrots. That is why parrots are alway

s emotionally attached to their breeders.

A parrot growth, health and behavior are dependent on the parrot breeder. They perform all parental tasks of parrots. A parrot future health and social behavior entirely depend on the parrot breeder. The most important task

of a parrot breeder is feeding parrots. Every species of parrot has its own way to deal with food. Every parrot has its favorite food so parrot breeder must be fully aware of the facts and favorites of all species in order to make all of them happy. It is not only the type of food but also the method of feeding; parrot breeder is aware of different methods of feeding to offer every other parrot according to its mood. This is most important with baby parrots to keep them safe and strong.

Bathing and weaning parrots is another crucial task to perform. It is the toughest task and not every one can do it properly. Only a well trained parrot breeder can do it appropriately.

A person who is busy in other jobs will find it hard to be a parrot breeder because of the demanding nature of pet parrot. Parrots demand attention, time and extra care. A person who has enough time to take care of parrots completely can be a parrot breeder.

A long list of parrot and tropical bird breeders is available on web. Whether you are located in United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia or in any of the states of United States, there is a directory of seasoned parrot breeders who understand the needs of the parrots very well. You might want to visit these sites in order to ensure the well-being of your parrot.

The Happiness you can get From a Pet parrot

Parrots have been considered as the best pet by many because of their friendly, talkative nature. There exist many varieties of parrots but those who are loved as pets are Macaw, amazons and cockatoos. Pet parrots are indeed a source of joy to their owners.

Parrots will be the source of happiness to you if your pet is happy. Keeping your pet happy is your duty. You must keep all measures in your mind before buying pet parrot. Choose the right parrot according to your home and environmental condition. Search well about the specie of parrot before buying that. You must be well aware of the parrot’s behavior, nature and mood swings.

Every species of parrot has its own characteristics so you should not mix one species with another. Parrot lives long compared to any other pet. Most of the parrots have a life span of around 40 – 50 years so you must not decide about them in a hurry. Think well before buying a parrot so you may not regret later. There exist many good guidelines on web which may help you choosing the appropriate pet parrot.

  • Most of the parrots produce irritating shrill noise which is hard to tolerate if you love peace. Conure species and Quaker create extremely screaming noises which makes them hard to keep at home. On the other hand, parrot species like Macaw, Amazons and African gray parrots create much less noise. Lovebirds and Parrotlets can not scream that is why they are a better choice.
  • Parrots are born to create mess. They love to scatter more food on the floor than they eat. You will have to place their cage where there is no expensive carpet on the floor. You may also find parrot’s feathers on the floor along with their food pieces.
  • Parrots demand your attention so if you are a busy person avoid having such pets. You should decide some time daily to spend with your parrot otherwise it will get irritated and will cause trouble for you.
  • Keep the place around your pet parrot clean. Proper cleanliness of the cage and surrounding is required. This is necessary not only for the health but for the happy mood of your parrot. Keep newspaper in the cage so you may replace it with a clean one at the end of the day. Avoid keeping color paper as it creates poison and may cause illness to your parrot.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is the pet’s food. It is a common perception that parrots lives only on seeds. This is wrong, you should add vegetables, fruits, beans, pasta and cooked brown rice along with seeds to keep your pet healthy.

Useful Information about Parrot Cages

Providing comfortable and lovely housing to your pet parrot is the first best thing you can do to your pet. Always buy a cage that is in proportion to the size and type of your parrot. Interestingly, the lifespan of your parrot depends greatly on the cage.

It is mostly advised to buy a large cage for your self. Parrots climb, stretch and play inside there cage for fun and enjoyment and if the cage is so small for the parrot to do all these acts, parrot will soon get bored. Don’t let your parrot just sitting on the perch all day long!

The cage should have horizontal bars because such bars allow parrots to grab holds onto the sides whenever it wishes to climb inside the cage. Do check properly the distance between the bars if you don’t want your parrot to get injured while climbing.

Never go for a cage just because it is cheap. Cheap cages are normally built up of sub standard materials that can be harmful for the health of your pet. You better buy a quality cage made up of stainless steel or powder coated because these materials are not dangerous for the health of parrots.

Some traditional cages also have doors and latches. Don’t use such cages as they can cause serious injuries to the parrot’s beak, head, neck or even wings. A cage with detachable door is the safest one!

The waste of the parrot should be disposed off properly. A good cage is always provided with pullout try in the bottom so that owner just pulls it out every day and washes it before inserting it back. It is way better than going inside the cage to clear the housing of droppings. It will take lots of your time and efforts as well.

The parrot cage should have a particular area where the bowl will be positioned. Some manufacturers of parrot’s housings sell this with a plate inside while others have to be purchased separately. This should also be not fixed because this needs to be cleaned twice a day before and after feeding.

The perch inside the cage should be located near to the bowl. This will make things easier for bird at the time for feeding.

A spacious and safe cage is really necessary if the owner wants to enjoy years of happiness and enjoyment with their parrot.

Taking Good Care of Your African Gray Parrot

African gay parrots are most charming and fascinating for many pet lovers and breeders all across the world. The main characteristics of this parrot which make it very charming are its wonderful character and beautiful combination of high intelligence and astonishing charm.

If you are one of those who are highly inspired by the beauty of these African grey parrots, you should first get lot of information about them before making a purchase.

Taxonomy tells that there are two subspecies of African grey parrots. These are:

· The Congo African gray

· Timneh African gray

Congo African grey parrots are slightly larger in size than Timneh variety and they also have bright, red tail feathers. Timneh variety is bit darker than Congo!

Both of these varieties also differ in their temperament. Timnehs are observed to be more laid back and less prone to feather picking and other neurotic behaviors compared to the Congo African gray. The life span of African grey parrots range from 25 to 50 years. Life span mainly depends upon the following factors:

  • History of the bird
  • Lifestyle
  • Stress factors
  • Diseases

African grey parrots are considered to be very intelligent as they have the ability to talk or mimic different sounds and noises. T

hey have the extraordinary unique capability of putting their words and sounds into the correct context!

But remember, there are many other behavioral issues also with this African Grey parrot with which you have to deal. As mentioned, this bird has lot of intelligence and that is why it demands lot of your time for mental stimulation. If you want to make this bird really charming you have to give it as much time as possible. These birds do a lot of nipping and biting when they get bored.

Let us learn some do’s and don’ts about these parrots:

1) Educate yourself a lot about the specie of your African grey parrot, if you really want to take good care of your parrot.

2) Always fulfill the basic needs of your African Grey Parrot like large and safe cage and good healthy diet. Wide range of toys, a reliable T stand, a gym or play stand and a commercial carrier are some basic needs of an African grey parrot.

3) Before buying an African Parrot make sure whether it is suited to your living space and lifestyle. These parrots require lot of your attention and clean healthy environment.

4) Keep well in mind that African grey parrot can be irritating to you because of its some characteristics. So think a lot before buying African grey parrot and keep remember the demanding nature of this parrot.

5) Never, ever buy an African Gray parrot on impulse because it can be quite stressful.

6) Ask the experts if you have any question in mind about these parrots

7) Make a list before visiting a breeder so that you don’t miss out the precious information you need to know in taking good care of your pet.